Ausangate is a magnificent snow-covered peak south of Cuzco and the legendary source of llamas and alpacas. According to legend, Pachamama (mother earth) loans alpacas and llamas so that people of the puna can survive. Since the animals belong to Pachamama, they must be well fed and never be treated cruelly. If they aren’t properly cared for, Pachamama will call them back to Ausangate and people will disappear. – Ancient Quechua Legend Hoffman, Eric: The Complete Alpaca Book, p. 3. Bonny Doon Press, Santa Cruz, CA. 2006.


This is RNI Noelle’s Hallmark’s Hartwell. He has quite a bit of Snowmass genetics, born in 2013, and registered: #32609660. Last June (2020) he was allowed to spend a month with all of my dams. I am very much looking forward to see how successful he was.
This is RNI Noelle’s Royal Sinclair. Also has an amazing amount of Snowmass genetics. Born in 2014 and is registered: #32609592. He will be in charge of breeding some of my dams this year.
This most precious boy is Bacchus (after the Roman god of agriculture). I have been remiss in getting his blood card off to the registry, however his sire is Precambrian Rocky and his dam is Praline’s Cookie, both registered. Born 9/2018.